Mascot Design

Does your company’s marketing need a little spicing up? Is your school football team’s mascot extinct? A custom designed mascot is a great way to bring fun, engaging traffic to your school or company.

Marketing and Promotional Mascots

When considering a mascot for advertising or promotional purposes, it’s always a good idea to consider the possibility of your own custom mascot design. The result is a mascot that becomes one and the same with the identity of your brand and can help you soar over your competition.

Mascots have a proven track record of being an effective form of marketing, and a custom-designed mascot is perfect for companies who are looking to strengthen their brand identity. A well thought out, excellent mascot design will effectively attract your target audiences in a unique way that is not easily achieved through traditional publicity.

School and Team Mascots

Is your school athletic mascot extinct? Do students and staff cringe at the thought of being the person who has to wear your mascot costume? A new mascot is a great way to increase involvement and heighten morale of staff, students and members of the community. At Aris Mascots, we can help you plan, design and build custom mascot costume for your school athletics, specific sports and more.

Setting yourself apart from other schools in the area is important to staff, students and members of the community. Whether you’re an elementary, secondary, or post-secondary institution, the right mascot speaks volumes about your athletic program and the thought you put into extra-curricular activities for your students.

A well designed, custom mascot from us is sure to turn heads no matter what you’re using it for. You’re not only guaranteed a sharp, new mascot, but also one that is 100% unique to your school or business.

Not sure what kind of mascot to use, or where to even begin? No problem. Our team is skilled and experienced in all areas, including mascot design. We can take you from the beginning stages of drawings, right to the finished product. Contact us today to start your mascot design process.