Mascot Order Process

 Are You Interested in Ordering A Custom Mascot?

To help you plan your purchase, here is a basic run down of the steps involved, from concept to completion:

1. Contact us with your ideas.

Describe it to us, even it it’s just a vague concept. Or send us a picture, drawing or rough sketch of what you have in mind. It could even be inspired by a toy or cartoon you’ve seen. It’s important for us to know what inspires the vision for your mascot costume.

2. Tell us how you would like to use your mascot.

What are the most common situations or events where it will be used? Will it just stand still and wave? Will it hand out literature or samples? Should it be child-friendly? Does it need to run, jump and be active?

3. Do you have a specific deadline?

Generally, custom mascots take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks to build, but shorter timing is possible. Homecoming, trade show, product launch? Let us know and we will do our best to make it happen for you!

4. Detailed quote and confirmed order.

Once we have all your information, we will provide you with a detailed quote, when you are ready to place the order, PI will be sent , simply send us 50% deposit, that’s it.

5.Approval sketch

We will sketch your character that outlines each component of the mascot as it appears in the drawing.

You review the sketch and advise us of any changes – colors, facial expression, body shape, etc. and we update the drawing to meet your exact specifications. You should rely on our expertise to help you through this process.

6. Monitor the build process.

During construction, we will keep you posted with pictures and/or video of your  custom mascot through the construction process. This allows you to approve various design details at critical stages and also gives you the opportunity to approve the finished mascot before it leaves our workshop.

7. Final approval and shipping.

Once you have approved the final images, your mascot is shipped to you along with dressing after we receive the balance of payment.Tracking number will be provided after shipment. Yes, we ship anywhere worldwide!