Customer Service

Here are some tips when wear a mascot for performance

1.Remember that acting is your job, that is, to have a sense of substitution. Generally, professional mascots have the given characteristics (you can also see from the costumes). For example, you are acting fat mascot, then you generally don’t run, because a fat man with such flexbility is rare in the world. You will subvert people’s perception, but this is not good at all; for example, you pretend to be scary in halloween

2. Don't talk, Talking will only ruin the image when wear a mascot for performance. It is 100% workable to replace it with body movements. In fact, you only need to communicate with tourists by waving your hands , getting angry,stomping your feet, Shy, please, these basic moves most of the time. Getting good command of these is enough to deal with most situations.

3. Move Rhythmically , the mascot should not be still. Otherwise, why do you have to wear it? Find the plastic model will be ok; but don’t over acted. A crazy mascot is difficult to get close to children and some introverted tourists. they will only look at you from a distance, not knowing what you are crazy for, and then leave. Pay attention to the sense of  thythm when you are moving. When facing a child,  slowly and gently pass over and draw him over;  use a normal speed for young people, which will make you look more lively and active.