About Mascots

How to design an ideal mascot costume to fit a certain occasion is very important,  here is some suggestions for those plan to build up their own mascot character.

First of all, it is necessary to determine the circumstances  which this mascot will be used, such as for large-scale events or certain malls.
The mascot must fit the theme of the event or brand. The most typical example is mascots for Olympic Games in Beijing . At the 2008 Olympic, their appearance looks friendly and smile, attract people instantly, it's not only represented the hope that all countries would achieve success, but also expressed the welcome of Beijing as the host venue to people all over the world.

The meaning of the mascot is also very important. The mascot must be positive and uplifting, symbolizing the expectation of beauty and happiness.

A good mascot has a certain degree of recognition, and it should not be too popular to attract people's attention and favor. It is very important to choose a suitable theme.

The design of the mascot should not be too fancy, less color and narrow it into a certain defination you want to express.

The mascot design better be bring into real objects, such as dolls or pendants  are very good choices.