Mascot Storage

After each use, wipe out the inside mascot head with a cloth and warm soapy water to keep the head clean and fresh. Do not use perfumes or deodorants on the mascot costumes. These substances can damage or discolor the mascot materials and irritate other mascot wearer with allergies or sensitivities.

1.         Store the mascot costumes in a clean and well ventilated room.

2.         Allow the costume to air out between performances.

3.         Place the head in a position that puts the least amount of stress on its shape, the neck opening.

4.         Hang or neatly fold the body components. Place the feet on their soles separate from the other components.

Never store your mascots while it is still damp. Always make sure the mascot costume is completely dry before putting it away.

Following these maintenance tips will keep your mascots in optimal condition and provide a much more pleasant experience for wear mascot